Writing process Q&A

I was recently interviewed for a class project on writing, and I realized that some other people might be interested in my process and advice on how to break in.  So, I recorded a video where I answer:

1. What drew you to writing? 

2. What is your typical process on researching for your stories? 

3. What steps do you take when you have writer’s block?

4. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

5. What’s your favorite underappreciated novel or comic?

6. Do you think that the process between writing for comics or writing for novels is drastically different? Are there things other writers should watch out for?

7. How many drafts do you typically write before you feel the story is ready for print?

8. Do you think that playing table top RPGs has helped your creative writing process?

9. In your new series Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish with artist Tess Fowler, how do you go about the world building process? Are there limitations on what you can add to the pre-existing world of Forgotten Realms?

10. What would you suggest to a Creative Writing student study if they wished to write fantasy?


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