Writing: Stand Up
Written on November 3rd 2016

This behavior has become increasingly apparent. The phenomenon occurs when life styles and choices are discussed. We're raised with certain expectations held over our heads. Expectations that just aren't within everyone's reality. Some placed on pedestals and held to perfectionist standards. What happens when we become aware of our own purpose? No longer tied to the ideals of the ones attempting to influence every move. Patterns emerge. The grip tightens. Creating a life of freedom leads to repetition of the line, "I wish I could do that." What's stopping you? And why are you directing it like it's someone else's problem to solve? Like you have no power of your own to change it... Have you experienced the other person's life? Maybe what you believe to be luxury is only necessity to maintain health and sanity. Judging another's life choices as if you are better... What are you basing this presumption on? Money? Titles? Jobs? These are all subjective. Take those away and who are you? From where do you draw your power? Is wealth not defined by health and happiness? Wouldn't you rather be surrounded by cooperative family and friends? A tribe that takes care of its members not with judgment, but with love of each other? Without the past interfering, without money interfering, without hierarchy interfering, we are all equal. We are all connected. If we want a better future, we need to be that better future and it starts by standing up for what you believe in. It's not always easy. At times, it's downright brutal, but if we want change, it starts with the individual. What do you want to see in this world? 

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