Just a wee update on progress with Extinction Game Three. 

The working title is still Annihilation Game, but it's more likely to come out, when and as it comes out, as Last Tour of the Apocalypse. Right now, it's hovering at the fifty thousand word mark, putting it right on the border between a novella and a novel: in fairness, I've read a number of books published as novels which were about the same length.

I've been quite busy these last weeks due to having more editing-related work coming in: reading and critiquing unpublished novels on behalf of a couple of UK-based literary agencies. It helps me get by, but the work is somewhat sporadic and I'm still thinking about whether or not to make the jump to full-time work, either remote or based here in Taipei. I'd prefer to keep doing what I already do, and I've been chasing up leads on that front: I'm also keeping an eye out for work-for-hire opportunities in terms of actually writing stories. 

Because I've been busy, I've had less time to work on Last Tour. Even so, I manage an hour here and an hour there. There's been a lot of chopping and changing: not only taking out the Haden chapters, but also introducing new story elements and chapters. I've spent a lot of time messing about with Aeon Timeline, figuring out how the multiple narrative streams fit together: because unlike the previous books, which were written in first person and from a single POV, this is written in third person from multiple POV's (as you'll note from my recently uploaded novella, The Long Fall).

The viewpoint characters this time around are: Nadia, Rozalia, Randall, Kip and Katya. I had been simultaneously working on another novel, called Proxy, but I've put that aside for the moment so Last Tour can have my full attention. 

Meanwhile, my novel, Echogenesis, is still doing the rounds, and I'm waiting to hear from Tor.com about a novella I submitted through my agent some months ago. No news yet on a release date for Ghost Frequencies, which is coming out from Newcon Press sometime next year, but as soon as I have one I'll let you and the rest of the world know about it. 

And in case you missed it: I recently resold my novelette Scienceville (which you can download for free if you're a supporter on any level) to Starship Sofa, a long-running sf and fantasy podcast who do excellent audio readings of well-known and perhaps less well-known stories.