Writing Update

It's going quite well!

I just sent off pages 45-50 to Annamarie, my editor, for review. We are working in five page segments to produce the second draft. I have gone back to add my round three touch-ups to pages 1-35 as well.

I'm very excited to have the second round edits and third draft done soon. I'm hoping to have the third revision done in early April. After that, I'm ready to start laying out the book pages and sketching illustrations.

Mini Update - 03/17/16

Sent off the final pages, 60-65, to Annamarie on the 14th!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, mostly a book from 1905 to pick up a few more words and phrases that could be useful. I’m going to continue reading a few books that were recommended to me until Annamarie completes her review.

I think that stepping away for this brief period will only help me when I go back and make my final edits towards the very end of March.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day,