Writing with Passion - Foreword

Forget opening a vein—this is a book about bleeding emotion from your pores.

This is a book about putting a tight turniquet on emotion.

This is a book about analyzing the blood-spatter of emotion and learning from it.

This is a book about stealing emotion like the blood-sucking [something] you are.

This is a book about why and how and where and when and
who, and how all of these things will impact your reader the way you
want them to be impacted.

A blow to the gut that takes their breath away.

A hoot of laughter that embarrasses them in public.

Terror that makes them jump—even squeal—in fear at the sudden sound of a thermostat clicking in a silent room.

A tear in the eye.

Ugly crying.

But be warned… this is a book about digging deep into your
 own pain, your own fear, your own heart and soul to touch the passions
and emotions you are writing about. It’s about being vulnerable to
yourself and the keyboard and the screen and the page. 

It’s about putting yourself into the skin of an axe
murderer and feeling the rage—or the twisted joy?—that drives them to
slice open a living being’s skull, so that whether in ten words or three
 hundred, you can take your reader somewhere they don’t want to go but
can’t stop reading.

It’s about you putting yourself inside the
eighteen-year-old being married to a stranger old enough to her
grandfather because of politics and greed, so you can taste her fear, or
 swell with her pride, or suddenly experience the revelation she has for
 you… and your reader.

It’s about understanding that emotion isn’t analytical and it isn’t word choice and it isn’t cookie cutter.

Emotion is sensual and physical and the keys to the kingdom of  a reader’s imagination and—let’s face it—willingness to shell out money for your next book?

Is in your willingness and ability to make them bleed with you.

If this doesn’t sound like your kind of book?

No problem.

For the rest of you?

Come with me.

NOTE: As described in the overview, this is first draft. It will change before publication. If you have questions about it or suggestions, feel free to leave comments. Thanks!

Writing with Passion [working title] will be available in trade paper and digital for all ereaders and apps. It will be a joint venture between Book View Café and my new publishing entity, Prithee & Gramercy Press.

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