Writing your own Future
New Blog post detailing some feelings I have on writing! One could say it's a bit of a reassurance that despite the problems I've had in life, Writing has been and forever will be the single most important thing in my life.
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What can you get for a dollar these days? Some choice words. I've got a lot of choice words in the form of a fun story, and you've earned every word it has to offer. This tier will net you access to basic short stories!
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$3 or more per creation
Some short stories get more love and care than others. I call these Expanded Universe Short Stories. Characters that play great roles in these worlds, yet their stories are fragmented. Perhaps one day their full stories will be told in the form of Novels. For now, they're enjoyed by my patrons in bite-sized inspiration form! Unlock Expanded Short Stories with this tier!
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Not looking just for Short Stories? How about Novellas? This is the tier for you! Novellas may not be released as often, but they are definitely worth the wait! Though the more support I receive, the more I can write! Choose this tier if you're really itching for more work from me!
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This tier is for those who truly wish to see my work expand beyond a side job! When time comes available to start writing full novels, this tier will be receiving an e-book version of every novel I release as well as every other piece of work!  Thank you so much for your support!  
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