WT377 - Matt Would Tap That
On today's show we're talking about trimming a frame flush to the top, Thousand Canker Disease, and selling your old tools

What's On the Bench

  • Marc is making chair and started the legs
  • Shannon restored some scribing gouges
  • Matt finished up his son's bed

What's New


Lumber News

New plywood tariff raising plywood prices by 10%, more tariffs to come next month.


Barry wants to know if the Festool Rotex is all its cracked up to be


  • Rob needs advice flushing up the solid wood edge to a plywood top
  • Rob (different one) is looking to sell his table saw and wonders how to price a used tool
  • MisterDrow has come into some Walnut that has Thousand Cankers Disease and wonders what to do with it.

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