WT407 - Woe is Us
On today's show we're talking about: sliding vs non sliding miter saws, workbench crochets, storing logs before milling them

What's On the Bench

  • Marc is refinishing outdoor furniture
  • Matt painted his saw mill
  • Shannon finished 3 projects and is starting a Mirror

What's New


  • Stephen found "wood and steel" tenons in his big box store furniture


  • Brian likes the Ridgeline
  • Jonathan found a new way to flavor coffee with wood shavings
  • Mike has a suggestion for tearing prone woods and the thickness planer
  • Matt has a gorilla question
  • Vinny has a question about tough grain with Genuine Mahogany


  • Nick has a question about compound miter saws and sliding miter saws
  • Nick has a question about storing logs to be sawn
  • Daniel wants insight on a workbench crochet

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