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WTW45 - Dax - 24/4/2015
Its Jadzia Dax! From Star Trek: Deep Space 9! Dax is a Trill, a symbiote represented by those itty bitty liver spots. Jadzia is the latest *cough* in a long line of host bodies - Kurzon, the previous, was not only an old bloke, but also a big respected hero who was a close personal acquaintance of Every Star Trek Supporting Character Ever. Well done to Mike, who told me about Kurzon's Klingon blood-oath, which Jadzia still held as binding despite her less heroic stature and presence. Resulting in her joining a suicide party of badass old Klingons hunting down a vicious war criminal. Yeeeesssss. Also for pointing out that shge might be Trek's first openly bisexual character. WOO!