WTW52 - White Witch - 11/5/2015
It's Jadis, The White Witch! Enemy of Aslan! From CS Lewis' Narnia books. Christi says: "Jadis' backstory (including her name) is fleshed out in The Magician's Nephew, the chronologically first, but in order of writing penultimate Narnia book.  Diggory, who grows into the Professor of Lion, Witch, releases her from slumber in a dead existence which she ruled and, it is strongly implied she destroyed through conflict.  She follows Diggory back through the Wood between the Worlds to London and eventually to the newly formed Narnia.  So, yeah, Humans bring evil into the world.  Heavy handed metaphors much, C. S.? Anyhoos, the reason they made Tilda Swinton look so broad shouldered and massive in the film was because Charn, the world where she came from, has a higher gravity than Earth."