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WTW9 - She-Ra - 30/1/2015
Its She-Ra, Princess Adora! Sister if Prince Adam, aka HE-MAN! I'll leave the rest to winner, Carrie: The eponymous star of She-Ra, Princess of Power, of course! When I was a very small child, I really liked that cartoon, but was genuinely sincerely baffled by why She-Ra kept winning the episode plot.  I preferred Hordak's henchperson Cat-Ra, you see, and I also felt she was obviously smarter and more strategically inclined, with a greater supply of minions (and with a better supply chain!  You never saw Cat-Ra trying to despatch her enemies with a fucking "bubble gun".)  So since she had all the tactical advantages, logically she should win, right?  So I was honestly confused as to why every episode involved She-Ra bumbling her way through the plot and yet still winning at the end.  I mean, winning once or twice by dumb luck is one thing, but EVERY episode?  That seemed statistically improbable, to say the least.  I ended up hate-watching my way through the entire first season, convinced that sooner or later the tide would logically turn and Cat-Ra would end up carrying the day. (I was slightly worried that the inevitable victory of the Forces of Darkness might be bad news for She-Ra's pink pegasus sidekick, who I was also a big fan of, especially given that one episode where Hordak captures him and vows to keep him in a pitchblack dudgeon so claustrophobic that "your wings will wither from lack of use!", which I still think is a little heavy for a children's programme,  But I consoled myself with the thought that Hordak was probably bluffing at that point- after all, there was seemingly only ONE talking pegasus in the entire world setting, so surely Hordak wouldn't really treat it as disposable?  And the pegasus seemed pretty intelligent also, so surely after a few days in the dungeon he'd work out which side his bread was buttered on and agree to work for the winning side, therefore everything would be fine.)