Wuffle Year 3 preview
"Back to basic" Wuffle brought many great experience in making a comic to me. The first year was in 4 panel comic format. While it was fast and easy to draw and paint, the story was too limit to the panel, and since I upload only once a week, I can't tell the story as much as I want. On year 2, I went to full comic format with many panel and many pages. Changed the upload date from one page per week to one episode, 15-20 pages per month. I love the format, I love that now I can tell the story I want to tell but it required more working time and it was too tire for me to do full episode every month. Here we are, Wuffle Year 3, it will be back to basic this time. The design will change a bit (well, I've changed the designs very often anyway lol) the format will be back to simple panel like Year 1 but with full episodic like Year 2. More focusing on comedy side since almost all the characters got introduce in Year 2 already, so we can go fully fun with them now >8D Thanks for reading and supporting the comic, everyone X3 Wuffle Year 3, Coming soon! - Piti Yindee