WYM01_2-1 Raffle [Info]
With the approach of the next WYM segment comes the approach of our first Patreon Milestone Raffle, and I wanted to give you some further details as to how this will work.

Once the segment goes online, all $2 and up patrons whose payments have gone through will be given an invitation to enter into the raffle. From there, one person will be selected at random to receive a number of prizes.

The winner can select any number of things from the prize package. 2-1's prize package will contain:

- A signed page from 2-1's storyboard

- Choice of 3-5 second chunk from the segment finished up with colour and more frames [limitations will apply]

- Choice of a copy of 'Heart of a Man' [printed book] or 'Outcast Hope' [DVD] or the 'Pokemon Rebirth : Altered Paths/Ultimatum' Anniversary Collection [eBooks on mini CD] 

Please Note: HoaM and the AP/Ultimatum collection are being updated and will require a little time to be finished first

A couple of these prizes will require a shipping address so if you don't feel comfortable giving that away and would still like these prizes, I could negotiate digital versions if you'd rather.

Also you are not obligated to have all of these prizes. If, you just want one or two of the prizes, that's fine. Let me know what you want, if you are selected as the winner.