X-Blades Let's Play - 00010 - Death Arena Cutscene
I have been thoroughly unimpressed by R.W.B.Y. Grimm Eclipse. Playing that highly mediocre beat-em-up got me wanting to play another one of my favorite games, X-Blades. X-Blades has the reputation of being a mediocre beat-em-up as well...a reputation I don't think the game deserves.

Video 1 - Prologue - Ayumi finds the map, finds the temple, defeats The Light, touches/is consumed by The Artifact, Wakes up on a beach outside the temple.

Video 2 - The Abandoned Coast

Video 3 - The Stone Circle

Video 4 - Stairway to Heaven

Video 5 - Ruins Above the Sea

Video 6 - Fork in the Road

Video 7 - Observation Site

Video 8 - The Deadly Passage. You have to use the charge attack, which isn't easy to do consistently (for me, anyway)

Video 9 - Return to the Ruins Above to Sea, so that we can get back to the Fork in the Road, so that we can enter a newly available area.

Video 10 - Death Arena cutscene (Battle will be in another video)