XCOM 2 Let's Play Season 2, Ep. 9: Flying Toasters
XCOM 2 is an epic sequel to XCOM Enemy Unknown, and it's expansion XCOm Enemy WIthin.

In the game, the player is a Commander, whose task is to unite and lead scattered resistance cells, and turn them into a spearhead to overthrow the alien rule over the planet - before it's too late.

In this campaign, season 2 of my Let's Play, the mods are deisgned to increase difficutly, and create an alternate mid and late game balance, hopefully makign them more interesting!
I'll be introducing new armour mechanics, new classes, and new, more challenging enemies!

If you want to join the character pool and have a chance to be in the series, send me an email @ [email protected] and add a character file, or just sned me the customization otpions you want!

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Full List Of Mods:
Ignore Missing Content
More Hair Colors
More Armor Colors
More Eye COlors
More Skin Colors
Shotgun ALl Classes
Soldier Fatigue
Haywire Protocol Bug Fix
Skullack Feedback Fix
Show Me The Skills
More Maps Pack
ADVENT Officer Call Reinf.
Gotcha (Flank Preview)
Overwatch All/Others
Guerilla Class
Balanced Ranger Sword
Leader Pack
Muton Centurion
Stop Wasting My Time
Realistic Armor
Evac All
Neutralize All Enemies Optional
True Retroactive AWC
Show Health Values
Larger Spawn Points
True Concealment
Additional MIssion Types
Start Your Own Missions
Additional Dark Events
Rogue Class
Lucubracious Infantry Class
SMG Pack
Second Wave Reborn
Suit Upgrading
Mission Award Variety
One AP Sword
Tactical Kill Counter
Perfect Information
Additional Icons
Squad Cohesion
Show All Perks
Increased Enemy Squad Size
Larger Starting Squad
Bleedout Mod