XCOM 2 Long War 2 Legendary - Ep. 42: ...Comes Around. (Escort VIP OP)
XCOM 2 is an epic sequel to XCOM Enemy Unknown, and it's expansion XCOm Enemy WIthin. 

In the game, the player is a Commander, whose task is to unite and lead scattered resistance cells, and turn them into a spearhead to overthrow the alien rule over the planet - before it's too late.

And now, since Long War 2 is out, I'm going to face it off at Legend difiiculty, n brakes, no handles, and someone stole the wheels also. But it won't stop the murder train! 


Relevant Mod List

- Haywire Protocol bug fix for turret control (to be removed ASAP - glitches with LW2 - should be disabled now)

- Long War 2 (of course)

- GOTCHA! Again (Flank Preview Evolved)

- Overwatch All/Others

- Tactical Kill Counter

- Perfect Information

- Evac All

- Drimakus War Gear

- Capnbubs Accessories Pack

- Free The Hood

- LW2 SpecOps Combat Knives

- LW2 Tactical Suppressors

-Infiltrator Sneaksuits

- Janitor Squad Image (Faleg Supporter mod)

- Faleg Supporter Ballcap (Faleg Supporter mod)

- Merciful ADVENT (maybe, not active yet)

- Carry The Corpses

- No Dropdown Lists


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