Xcom2 Shield Mod Preview 2
So here is another preview of the shield mod, unfortunately as it is right now it isn't particularly exciting or interesting but it should give a rough idea of what i'm going for. I'm sure you can notice in the video that some animations are either completely wrong or wonky, for example the "get out of the avenger" animations aren't done, to be honest i completely forgot about them, and for some reason the animation that is supposed to play when a soldier is shadowbound doesn't play(although it does play for the shadow itself, not sure what's going on there, it could just be Xcom being Xcom), and there is at least one idle animation and one fire animation i want to make better, and there is still more to be done here and there, but now i think i can safely say that most of the boring animation work is done, what "had to be done" has been done, so now any further animations would be more fun to make at least.

Anyway, there is still a lot of work to be done, but for the first time since i started this project i feel like we're getting there and the mod is starting to take shape. Hopefully i'll be able to show more interesting stuff soon now that we're almost out of the "modify all the animations to look like soldiers are using shields" part, which to be honest has been pretty tedious and annoying. Anyway i hope you like what you see so far and i hope you stick around for future previews and updates, see you next time.