XDragoon Voice Recording begins!
Actually started on past Friday, November 3rd, XDragoon recording sessions begins at Imagine Sound Thinking, William Viana´s (Rocky's new voice actor) studio.

Today I went there to direct him on Rocky, but he'll be the responsable for the general voice direction. His voice is energetic and I believe everybody will like him. Lance lines were recorded also, by the actor Miguel de Britto.

Next Thrusday, November 16th, we´'ll record Fei's lines, and his voice will be made by one of most respected voice actors in Brazil. I hope to be able to see him recording his lines. I won´t reveal yet who is. ;)

Regarding the voice cast, it´'ll be new. Some voices can return, but in another character. I waiting some of the 2008 pilot's VA reply me back to start negotiation.

Also, English dub, it´'ll just happen after the whole webseries is done. At a first moment, it´'ll be only voice in Brazillian Portuguese with English (and hopefully, other languages) subtitles.

I´'ll keep you guys updated and bring news soon!