Xevious – Developer Interview Collection

In the West, few pepole would count Xevious as one of the seminal classics of video game history; in Japan, however, the game and its creator Masanobu Endo enjoy a hallowed reputation as one of the first “post-Invader” successes. We also don’t usually associate shmups with detailed stories and settings, but Xevious is also known for being one of the first games to have a cohesive “world”, something later games like Gradius and Darius would build further with individual stages.

For this feature, I’ve chosen three Xevious interviews. The first is from Beep! Magazine in 1985, just a few years after its initial release. The second is a 2003 interview from the GSLA, while the third is from 2014 and appeared in a book on the Japanese tv show “No Con Kid“, a drama about game centers that features Xevious heavily (highly recommended, by the way).

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