XMage League Week 5 - Emerson J. Lardie

The week 5 podcast is up !! This week we catch up with Patreon Challengers co-host, Emerson J Lardie to talk League structure, forecast some changes to the leagues, cups, and where we could be going in the future.

 NOTE - I am always on the look out for people to interview for the  podcast; we want to cover all sorts of personalities from various  leagues and play styles. Tons express an interest, but few follow  through, so if you would like me to interview you, please just fire me a message. 

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BUT!!! we want to do  more, once we pass the $100 mark we will be buying prizes that we  intend to give out both for performance, and randomly to members.
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 - Matthew Tones
XMage Players MTG Moderator