Xombie: Dead Ahead - March 1st, 2017!
Hard to express how happy I am to finally be announcing this. After 10 long years, I am thrilled to be producing a brand new season of Xombie, available exclusively on my YouTube channel starting March 1st. To be notified the second it becomes available, be sure to subscribe at: https://www.youtube.com/user/jamesrfarr

Among my many projects, Xombie is easily the most ambitious, requiring hundreds of thousands of animated frames, a custom musical score, and an ever-expanding cast of wicked awesome voice talent from around the world.

As the show continues, I'll be posting cool things like early concept art, bits from upcoming episodes, and even the actor's completed recording scripts, full of location names, character details and other story points not revealed in the animations.  A pretty cool companion piece for all the super fans out there.

So for those of you who may have been sad to see Xombie stop back in 2007, now you can pledge directly toward keeping it going with the original creator / team at the helm. I really hope you like what's in store.  :)

See you in the Patrons area. More soon!