Yahoo You're Amazing! You're a Patron or You're Going to Be!
Patronage goes back a ways.  Like, way way way back; dukes, duchesses, kings, queens, pharaohs, rich landowners; um, retired pirates, ummmm, people with their own feifdoms, overloards of all kinds were usually Patrons.  They held courts of some kind,  or living rooms big enough for dancing in, they threw the best parties, they had reasons to invite people over to take a look around their manors with art all over them.  The one thing, well, one of the things, they all had in common, was their stable of creative folk.  To varying degrees, depending on how rich they were, they paid some amount of live-in artists to do what they do well, make art.  They also gave money to charities of some kind or helped pay for new cobbles.... you know, stuff like that.

Most of the time those artists they had produced work, sometimes directly for their Patrons, sometimes for themselves, sometimes for fine ladies they fancied.  In order to make the work they had to toil, they dealt with crushing self doubt sometimes (or all the times), they dealt with potentially toxic fumes, they made music, they sculpted rocks into shapes they liked, painted on stuff, bent stuff, welded things, invented flying machines on the side, etc.  

So if you don't already know this about yourself, YOU are that retired pirate, YOU are that duchess and for $2/month (which is 1/10th the cost of a subscription to Hulu) you can get rewarded with the benefits of being a Patron (1/3 of the money you support my work with goes directly to environmental conservation, discounts on prints, wallpapers for your desktops/mobile devices/etc).  

My goal is to round up enough people that want to support the work of inspiring a connection to nature that we can bring in $900/mo and there by collectively donate $300 (every month) of that to conservation and stewardship of the environment and the rest of which will directly support the continued production of films like "Origin" -- Fun fact: it cost $10,000+ to make that film, that came out of my pocket and I knew going into the making of the film I wouldn't recoup that cost, at least directly.  I'd love to be able to make films MORE often.  With your help that can happen!  

For the production of Origin we needed software to make the music, some of that software cost was covered by my current Patrons, YOU ARE AWESOME!!   I'd like to be able to cover a higher percentage of costs so that it takes less time to save up enough money to produce each film.  So, spread the word or consider becoming a patron!  Review the reward tiers, they're pretty rewarding!   If you just want to support the work thats wonderful, some of my Patrons choose to do that, if you'd also like discounted print pricing, wallpapers, or if you'd like to set up ongoing photography learning their are reward tiers set up to do that stuff.  

Okay, so, now, go watch Origin, it's great!  If you already saw it, why not watch it again?!  Share it with everyone on planet earth!  Thank you!