Y'all I'm raising a poet/songwriter in the making

Isla’s Song to baby bird Andrew

Bird o bird

Can you fly?

Bird o bird

Touch the sky

Bird o bird

Oh so fine

Flap flap flap

Bird o bird

Touch the fly

Swoop down low

Bird o bird

All day long

Bird o Bird

Sing that soooooong

Bird o bird o bird

Please be my friend

I’m very sorry for rushing you

Please, please forgive me now

I’m sorry to saaaaaayyyyy

I just want to fly away with your mother

Like your mother

All you brothers, cousins and sisters

Fly around, touch the ground

La lalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalallalalala


O yeahhhhh you can travel the world 

When you grow up if you learn how to fly

Flap your wings and touch the sky

Who knows where or who knows why

Who knows where you shall fly!!!!