Y'all see it first!
Today is day 1 of the Marketing Blitz! Now that the chaos of my wedding has at last subsided I'm hitting the ground running to get the most of the remaining months of 2016. Already working on my latest comic for Everyday Feminism The new video is complete. It's funnier and just simply more sincere than the one that's up now (which I basically despise)Switching up the profile graphics should be pretty simple. Just going to change up avatars and such.Descriptions should take some doing but it's basically going to highlight what I do, why I need help doing it, and what are my plans.This one relates to you though. I owe y'all two quarters worth of rewards and that's something I'm really embarrassed about. Folks who should've receive postcards will receive them and MORE.  These special packages will contain all sorts of goodies. I'll also be completing some contest content for those who need it.

Moving forward I want the new rewards to be just that - rewarding - but I also need them to be relatively simple so that I'm not putting them off when I have bigger projects. Here is what I was thinking please let me know if any of these options stick out to you: 

Avatar art: Simple 5 color artwork in 5x5 square for your Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook etc. (potentially dangerous if folks pledge 5 dollars, get the art, then unpledge)

Snapchat handle: Somewhat dangerous if people leak my handle but that's not a big deal since I have control over who sees my (hilarious) snapchats.

Skype/Google Hangout sessions: Pretty simple but I'd love to just hang out and chat with patrons - this'd be a more top tier reward.

Power couple advice/critiques: Alex and I would team up to answer questions, with no subject being taboo. Answered questions could either be emailed to folks or delivered in a podcast-type form. We're really damn good at giving advise and you'd get an overall well rounded response (potentially dangerous if nobody gives a shit about our advice LOL)

Doodles from work: I'm constantly doodling. Constantly. This'd probably be low tier reward where I upload my doodles on here.