Yamanashi Oshino Hakkai - 忍野八海
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Located near Lake Yamanaka and just in front of Mt Fuji, Oshino Hakkai is a little village blessed by several crystal clear ponds fed by melting snow from the slopes of Mt. Fuji.
Oshino Hakkai, with its location and amazing set of ponds, is the ideal spot for a stunning discovery but only for a few minutes per day. Indeed the place is so small and so majestic that from 9am up to 4pm, Oshino Hakkai turns itself in a little warzone crowded with tourists from neighboring countries. This goes to such an extent that it will be easier for you to speak Chinese to staff in the surrounding restaurants or shops than in Japanese.

So if you ever have the chance to visit this place, make sure to be there between 8.30 to 9am or after 4pm before the sunset or the magic of this truly amazing place will be spoiled by thousands of tourists.