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Not sure what to tell you guys (apart from I'm on fire this month and yes! Sarah Steele will still be done this month!). This one didn't come out as quick as Mariopocalypse, but a prompt on a 4chan writefaggotry thread got my attention. Strange but attractive girls plus competition got me good. So this is about a boy who gets caught up in three Japanese urban legends coming to kill him, but catches them offguard with sexy results. In short, the girls from left to right: a cursed doll that texts and then kills people, an 8-foot woman who haunts then kills whoever sees her, and a cryptic masked girl whose mouth has been sliced open wide and threatens to do the same to others. Based on the pic above, but story's too big to be a real caption.

Natsuo had the worst luck that day. On his way home from school, he saw a tall (eight feet, at least) and busty woman staring at him from an alley. The sight of such an eerily tall woman sent shivers down his spine, reminding him of the spooky stories his grandparents shared with him regarding such a figure. It made him turn tail and start running the rest of the way home, only to bump into a girl wearing a schoolgirl’s outfit and one of those mouth-covering masks he saw surgeons and people with allergies wear. She asked if he thought she was pretty, and he hurried out a “Yes! Excuse me!” 

Before he could go, she peeled back the mask, showing an especially wide mouth… or rather, a gash sliced into the side of her mouth. “Do you still…?” 

Natsuo didn’t bother to answer and ran away again, faster than before. As he passed by a garbage truck, he heard his cell phone ring. He answered without checking the number, hoping it was his mom checking in on him. “Mom! I-”

“This is Mary-san. I was in the dump truck…” His head jolted up, seeing the empty, pale blue eyes of a doll staring… no, leering back at him. Natsuo snapped his phone shut, the frightened kid running the rest of the way home and glad to slam the door shut behind him. His parents heard him out and tried to put him at ease, but he hardly ate any of his dinner from all the eerie encounters. They could all be explained, according to his mother, and he was told he was just being a fraidy cat by his sister, but he had his doubts.

It all came to a head that night when the giant woman appeared in his room. He was reading on his futon when the busty woman appeared, her hair long and dark and wearing a broad sun hat and a long, loose-fitting dress. Each of her breasts were easily bigger than Natsuo’s head, and she indeed was tall enough to nearly touch the ceiling with her head. “Popopo,” she chirped in a haughty, low laugh. Natsuo yelped in surprised hearing the voice and turned to the attractive, yet not entirely unwanted intruder.  “I see you were a naughty boy and looked at Hasshaku-sama. There is only one fate for you now… I’ll have to eat you up. There is no escape.” The boy backed away to the corner of his futon, realizing there was no way out, save for the window above across the room  She licked her soft, thin lips as she approached him, only for his window to creak open. 

The girl with the surgical mask slipped in, her mask back in place and the long, red edges of her mouth/wounds peered around the mask’s very limits. “You ignored my question. For that crime, I’ll eat your flesh to fill my ‘pretty’ wounds… this is the curse of Kuchisake-onna.”

Natsuo gave a startled shriek, but Hasshaku spoke up. “Um, excuse me...”

From under the bed came a  short blonde girl. She hardly looked to be Natsuo’s age, wearing a lacey dress over her skin so bright and smooth it was like porcelain. She held up a dirty and battered pink cell phone. “How could you neglect me, stranger?” she chimed in her small, cute voice. “Anyone who ignores Mary-san ends up missing, you know… dead and lost in my belly!”

Both Hasshaku and Kuchisake looked at Mary suddenly. “Now hold on. I was going to do just that!” Kuchi put her fists on her hips impatiently as she glared at the talking doll.

“He ignored my messages,” Mary insisted, holding up her phone with the text he had received early on the screen. “It’s part of my curse. So sorry for you two.”

“Now now, girls,” the giant ghost urged. “No need for you to fight… I was the one who saw him first, so my curse takes precedent.”

The three monsters quite suddenly started to argue, occasionally pointing a finger or waving a hand over at Natsuo. It did take some of the fear away from them… like if Freddy and Jason were after him, but they stopped to take a coffee break. It made them all strangely… human, for a second. Obviously with their flaws and quirks, but mostly human. Hasshaku had such huge breasts and motherly curves, while Kuchisake’s dark eyes and hair kept catching his eye while not being small-chested herself either. Mary-san had a kind of carved perfection, very chesty for the shortest of them all, and her dull eyes had a kind of cloudy sky beauty to them beneath her messy but golden blonde hair. Apart from the murder-cannibalism part, he would have loved to spend more time with them. They were all attractive, and he didn’t have many friends since he’d moved to this new district with his family...

“You!” Natsuo jumped in surprise as Kuchi turned to him and pointed accusingly. “This is going nowhere. Yokai are a proud bunch, so you decide. Which of us shall eat you?”

Natsuo looked between the three cursed girls, not sure how to answer that. Besides, he kept getting distracted as he stared at their chests. He was getting around that age, after all...

"I mean... neither?" Natsuo offered weakly. The three killer yokai just groaned loudly.

"You can't just say neither!" Mary-san snapped, stomping a dainty little foot. "You have to choose! You can't be under three curses and just say 'no!"

"He's really only under my curse," Kuchisake pointed out. "He answered my question."

"He ignored me!" Mary snapped back.

"That's easy to do. Mine's the only one he put effort into. He even spoke to me."

Hasshaku stepped up to the masked girl, her huge breasts pushing into her face. "He saw my face. That means he's cursed by me too."

"Well who couldn't stare at you with your cow tits?!" Kuchisake hissed at her. "That's just cheating! Cheating and lazy!"

"How about this, little boy?" Mary climbed onto Natsuo's futon, sitting on his lap. "I promise I won't eat you for an entire day if you pick me. That gives you lots of time to do what you want before you die!"

"No!" Natsuo yelped, pulling his blanket up over his chin.

"A week!" Kuchisake upbid on the murder. "You get a whole week. Even the weekend. Then I eat you. We have a deal, my tasty friend?"

"Still no!"

"One year!" Hasshaku folded her arms under her massive breasts proudly. "You'll live for another year before I eat you. It's not like I can't find you any time."

"No, okay! I'm not going to agree to a little more time just so you can eat me anyway!" Natsuo objected. He wasn't brave, but he sure wasn't just going to agree to die.

"How about one year and I let you touch my breasts?" Hasshaku added. The room went perfectly silent. Natsuo still refused, but he hesitated to do so. That was what changed the game in an instant.

"Who cares about touching?!" Kuchisake butted in. "I'll let you suck on mine! Hers are just big clumsy bags of fat! Mine have definition!"

"You're all a bunch of overgrown dairy cows!" Mary snapped, leaning in and shoving her breasts into Natsuo's face. "Mine are still young and perky. You deserve a girl more your size! Plus I'm a doll, so they'll stay that way forever and not sag like theirs!"

"Who's sagging!?" Hasshaku put a hand on her wide hips and strode over, kneeling beside Natsuo and hugging his head into her huge and motherly chest. "Do these look saggy to you? Come and agree to me, and I'll make it worth your while~." The colossal woman teased a finger along his chest, starting to stir up the boy's lower half as the eerie women starting to pile into him.

Kuchisake thrust her chest against his cheek, squashing the boy between all three of their bosoms at once. "You think you want a hag and a wannabe-loli? I'm still in my prime. And besides..." She peeled back her mask, revealing the slit-open, extra-wide mouth. "Don't you wonder the kind of things I could do with this mouth? I can 'eat you' in more ways than one."

"Every boy is a lolicon at heart!" Mary insisted, grabbing the overwhelmed Natsuo by the crotch and squeezing him in a small but oddly strong hand. "I may be over a hundred years old, but I still look young and fresh, unlike you rotten mummies." She pulled out her cellphone again, tapping a few buttons before holding it up again. The screen showed a photo of the short but curvy Mary posing naked on a bed, her hand playfully covering her crotch while the other cupped one of her oversized breasts. "Let me be your curse, and I'll text you all of these!"

The girls bickered as they got progressively more physical with Natsuo, the boy finally cutting them off. "Look, I appreciate all the attention," he said genuinely. It was more talk and attention than he'd had since he moved here. "So... how about this? Instead of arguing over each other, I give you all a chance to, uhm... make your case. Take turns. Then I can decide which of you gets to stay.”

Natsuo held his breath and hoped it would work, but the girls finally agreed. After some quick rock-paper-scissors, they had their order: Mary, Kuchisake, then Hasshaku. Smallest to biggest.

"You'll just love me. I know it!" Mary boasted proudly as she threw back Natsuo's blankets. His growing erection was visibly pushing at his shorts, but Mary was quick to pull them down as she leaned in and kissed him roughly. He gasped in surprise at her embrace, expecting a few more words rather than actions. Either way, he was not about to stop her. Her skin was slightly cool to the touch, the abandoned doll girl seeming to be made of flesh by the soft yielding of her skin against his. He felt no pulse and little warmth from her, and her more intense movements started to make faint creaking noises as if her joints weren't meant for such complex activities.

Her cool touch shocked him when her small hand wrapped around his member, but it felt good against his hot privates. Her soft, silky tongue rubbed against his, drawing soft moans from the boy as she braced her thumb against the underside of his his cockhead and started to stroke more firmly. The young virgin moaned and let the cursed doll have her way with him, the messy blonde smiling so that her lips curved against his.

"See? You love it. You know you want me," she purred. Mary drew back from Natsuo, leaving his saliva running down his lip as she lifted her dress off over her head. Her skin itself was perfectly smooth, but with deep stains here and there of dirt or grime (and some that were likely dried blood).

"A little doll's body and a grown woman's tits," she cooed as she hugged his face into her chest and ground her breasts against him. "Never get pregnant but always have boobs like this. I think the choice is obvious. But just in case... let me show you what kind of things a centuries-old spirit can pick up."

Mary shuffled closer to sit in Natsuo's lap and leaning her back and ass into him as she stretched out her stubby legs. It pressed her hips right above his, trapping his stiff little erection to poke up between her thighs. She started to flex and roll her silky-soft legs, pumping his shaft in a talented thighjob. Natsuo was quickly moaning and panting, only getting worse when Mary-san grabbed his hands and forced him to grope her overgrown tits. He forced his fingers to dig deep into her cool, soft skin, squishing the strange flesh around and making him bounce her hefty boobs around. It wasn't long before she felt his cock throb between her legs and cum hard enough to splash against her stomach and the underside of her breasts.

Mary smirked as she rotated her head completely around as if it were on a swivel, planting a quick but firm kiss on Natsuo's agape mouth. "You're so cute," she noted, suddenly lifting up her cell phone, turning her head back around and snapping a selfie of herself sitting on the naked and slightly sticky boy’s lap. "I'll save that one for later," she giggled before sitting up and walking over to the other waiting spectres. "Try to beat that!" she gloated.

Kuchisake-onna was up next, the masked yokai brushing her dark hair back away from her face. Her sharp, almost serpentine eyes locked on the naked boy's, unbuttoning her uniform and sliding it apart. She was thinner and taller than he was, but it just made her huge, heavy breasts stand out that much more. She leaned in slowly and nuzzled her nose against his before she kissed him through her mask. He could feel the movement of her lips through the protective fabric, unsure what to do at first but parting his lips all the same to give her a chance. He felt the press of her tongue against the fabric, which soon grew damp with their mixed saliva that they would suck into their mouths with the strange and awkward kiss Again, it was not entirely unappealing to the inexperienced boy. Just strange.

Kuchisake eased him onto his back, positioning herself on top of him as he felt her soft but thick pubic hair tickle his thighs and privates. He was almost beginning to wonder if she was going to leave it on the entire time when Kuchisake finally peeled away the wet mask. The red cuts along the sides of her mouth went a couple inches on either side, almost as if her head could open like a beartrap if she wanted to. Kuchisake blushed awkwardly as he stared, but he assured her as best he could think to do.

"You're pretty," he said with a flimsy smile. Kuchisake grinned back, even if that left her teeth visible through the sides of her mouth.

"I could make you pretty like me," she offered, every movement of her damaged mouth slow and sensual. "I could do more than make you look beautiful... I can make you feel beautiful. Then you wouldn't feel a thing when you go." She started to kiss him, feeling normal at first and not unlike Mary-san's makeout session from before. However, Kuchisake-onna's tongue snaked out of her mouth, long and thin as it all but filled Natsuo's mouth. He gasped and drooled over his overstuffed lips, pushing his tongue back into Kuchisake's. Her tongue completely wrapped around his like a ring, pulling it into her mouth and forcing him to French kiss her, even when he felt cool air from his tongue reaching the open edges of her mouth. This close, all he could do was stare into her hypnotic eyes. They were strange, but gentle and surprisingly vulnerable and desperate. Just as Mary was compensating for being abandoned, this WAS the girl who went up to strangers to ask if she was pretty.

Her partly see-through kiss ended, sitting up as some of their mixed saliva ran out the edges of her mouth. Kuchisake turned around while staying on top of him, her fuzzy pussy hovering just in front of his face as she leaned over. Natsuo had never seen one before tonight, let alone one so close to him. "Go ahead," Kuchisake excused, spreading her thighs a bit more so that her pink lips parted invitingly. "I'm used to people staring at my slits."

With that, Kuchisake-onna opened her mouth wide and popped his penis into her mouth, sucking noisily through the sides of her mouth. Natsuo gave a loud, desperate whine, already gently aroused back into full arousal after Mary's special treatment. He breathed heavily as she sucked him off, forcing him to breathe in the sweet, damp scent of her pussy. She stayed perched in her 69 position as he could hear the wet noises of his cock going in and out of her mouth, leaking out through her permanent wounds. Her long tongue kept wrapping around and stroking his shaft, and as she leaned in further still he could feel his cock slip through her wounds, and then down her throat.

Natsuo gave a shrill moan just before Kuchisake pressed her hips into his face. Her dark bush consumed his mouth, her plump ass filling his gaze. He instinctively grabbed onto it, squeezing her cheeks while his lips and tongue shifted to get comfortable against her pussy. Kuchisake-onna moaned as he unwittingly returned the sexual favor, her voice coming out quite clearly even as she deep-throated him. "You taste so good," she whispered without so much as a mumble in her voice while he kept hearing her wet suckling. He supposed her mouth wouldn't work exactly normal in her condition, but that thought flew out of his head as he grunted softly and came into her deformed mouth. She sucked loudly on him for a moment before she turned to face him again. She grinned brightly, even as his cum drooled out over the twisted edges of her lips.

"Lots more where that came from," she hissed playfully, kissing the boy to cue the end of her turn. He kissed her back, uncaring about a sloppy snowballing kiss after her had been inside her wounded mouth, giant tongue, and hairy pussy. She reclaimed her mask and did her best to clean up as she waited by the naked Mary-san, the doll giving her a bitter glare and sticking out her own (much shorter) tongue.

"Popopo! Is that the best you two have?" Hasshaku chuckled, moving the straps of sundress as she stepped forward. Once it was off her breasts, it dropped to the ground to show her towering but ridiculously curvy body. Her breasts were wider than her arms, and they were high enough up that even with their immense size and sag, they barely reached where Natsuo's head would be. She took the intimidated boy in her arms, lifting him up as easily as if he were a feather.

Hasshaku squeezed him against her naked body, his face absolutely engulfed by her giant tits. He almost felt like she had absorbed him into her big warm body like some kind of spooky blob, but his groping hands felt her soft, inverted nipples. His little fingers pawed at them, and the giant yokai moaned deeply enough that her breasts actually vibrated around his head. She was so overwhelmingly soft and warm, even her smell and taste feeling assuring and welcoming. The thought even passed his mind that he would be alright if she was the last thing he ever saw, so long as he was ended by smothering in between her breasts.

"Do the little girls have these?" Hasshaku-sama cooed to him, gently stroking Natsuo's hair as it poked out from between her bosom. "You'll be warm and safe until the very end… my good little boy. I can follow and protect you... see that no one ever harms you but me. Then we'll embrace and you'll be gone... lost to my marshmallow hell."

Her sensual talk about murder shouldn't have gotten him aroused, but soon his erection was poking at her soft belly as she held him in midair. With one strong hand, the amazon of a yokai squeezed his ass and lifted him up even higher. She shoved her thick tongue into his mouth, hardly fitting a portion of it into his mouth while she adjusted his hips. His little prick ended up between her giant breasts, and when she squeezed her arms towards her chest, his rod vanished entirely between the two balls of flesh. Natsuo gave a high-pitched moan, which made Hasshaku-sama giggle. Between her deep voice and soft chest, her gentle laughter made her big breasts wobble. She shuffled her arms around gently, kneading her breasts to rub his cock and balls from every direction as they swallowed him up and aided his titfucking. He tried to moan and pant, just to drool over her colossal breasts when his attempts to swallow were impeded by her tongue. It just caused their fluids to drool down over her cleavage, flowing down between her tits like a warm waterfall that added lube to her stroking jugs.

Hasshaku finally pressed down on top of her breasts, urging Natsuo closer so that he could hump straight up and down, her strong hand helping boost his rear. She had squashed her tits down enough that he could see the very head of his eagerly humping rod go up and down, peeking in and out of her pale cleavage. She licked her lips and as she eyed up his young prick, breathing heavily with a few lusty puffs. "Po... po.... poooo," she moaned as she hungrily eyed up his pulsing shaft. She leaned down with her long neck to lick the peeking head, which was just enough to make him squirt all over her. Hasshaku gave a triumphant squeal of delight, pulling her head back as the cum splashed over her breasts and face. She licked her lips before leaning down to loudly slurp up the pool of cum in between her cleavage and around his cockhead.

"I think we can all see who won here," she smirked before setting Natsuo down. He stumbled on his shaky legs, having cum three times in the last hour. The naked yokai lined up, each marked with some of his cum.

"Well," Natsuo started, only to find his voice squeaking and clearing his throat to at least sound like he was in control. "Well, I think I've decided..."

"Great!" Mary-san chimed, puffing up her impressive chest. "Which one of us gets to eat you, then?"


"What?!" they snapped, though they seemed more surprised than angry. At this point, they were too caught up in outdoing the other more than they were trying to eat him.

"I said that I'd decide who can stay. And you all can. Just, none of you can eat me."

The girls paused to mull this over. It wasn't as if they hadn't enjoyed the time spent with the boy, loving rather than killing. The variously monstrous women couldn't even remember the last time they'd had sex at all... or if they even had.

"But... you taste so good," Hasshaku-sama added, sounding a bit desperate.

"You can still taste me. Just... no eating."

"Why noooot?" Mary-san pouted.

"Because I've got school tomorrow. And I don't want that." When they didn't look especially convinced, he added one more. "Plus, what if one of you eats me? Then the other two have their stories ruined, because your curses were broken. If I die in a sealed room, then my mouth wasn't carved open and I wasn't murdered by a doll after mysterious texts. Why don't I just... pretend I never saw either of you, and we can be..." He looked at the assorted naked women in front of him, ogling the naked pussies and giant breasts shamelessly. "Friends? Really pretty, sexy friends. I don't exactly have any out here, so... maybe we can meet again. Like... maybe every night?"

The girls shuffled a bit, and blush spread across their cheeks one by one.

"Can I at leave tear your mouth open?" Kuchisake-onna asked sheepishly. "It'll barely hurt. I've gotten really good at it, and it won't kill you... probably..."

Natsuo was surprised at her asking so politely, but knew he had to press his advantage while he still had it. "No! Then people will know I had ghost problems, and that I survived the curses. Let's just keep this a secret, okay?"

The girls looked at each other until Hasshaku shrugged her huge shoulders. "I'm ok with that. It's kind of nice to be looked at someone and not have to plan to murder them!" she said rather cheerily.

"It does make for some good memories," Mary-san said, flipping through some pictures on her phone of the recent sexual scenes. "As long as you don't go trying to ditch me!"

"It's just nice to hear you say I'm pretty," Kuchisake muttered with her uneven smile. "I can work with this... but this is it!" she added. "No more tengu or teketeke or Hanako-sans, or any more curses.

"Three's totes a crowd," Mary added with a nod.

"Yea... deal. I'll try to not get cursed," Natsuo confirmed.

"Don't you worry," Hasshaku added, stepping behind him and hugging him so that her huge breasts squashed down on his head like a pair of awkward hats. "I'll watch over you. Nobody else will touch my precious little..." He felt her hold her breath a moment as her tits stopped swelling against his head. "What was your name again?"

The other girls started pushing at each other to get their hands and hugs on him. Natsuo giggled and hugged them back as best he could.  One of the yokai would have easily ended him. Three busty, love-starved, yandere yokai too busy competing with each other to actually finish him... that he could work with. Even if it meant going to school tired the next day, it was worth it to have his new secret friends and lovers.

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