The Yarn Stash: Blessing or a Curse?
Over the past few weeks, as I've been gearing up for the Stitchucation Stash Therapy 3-Day Challenge, I've been diving into my own stash, and have been quite enlightened by the many ideas that have been popping up. I shared many of these in a recent video which you can watch here. We'll be exploring a handful of these techniques during the 3 days of the Challenge. 

In the video, I open up the subject of guilt and how some of us experience this very real emotion surrounding our stash, which is why when I came up with the concept of "stash therapy," I knew I hit the nail on the head in regards to this concern, and it couldn't come at a better time when world consumption is at an all-time high. 

Not only are we up to our ears in yarn, but we're also consumed with stuff that fills all the nooks and crannies, not to mention all the online "intangibles" that we constantly purchase. It's time to reassess, reuse and reimagine how we use and relate to our stash.

Try some of these quick-fix ways to flip your yarn stash guilt ...

  • Get together with friends to do a yarn swap.
  • Start a mission and put your stash to work by knitting for charity.
  • Give your stash yarns away to shelters and prisons. 
  • Start your holiday gift-giving with small, quick and easy gifts.
  • Make preemie hats until you've gobbled up a bunch of your stash, then give them to your local hospital.

Share yours below in the comments!

I hope you try some of these simple ways to get out of a funk when it comes to your stash, then join me for the Stitchucation Stash Therapy Challenge kicking off soon! 

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Enlighten your stash!