Our booster check for the red dragon tonic shirts just came in! thats  $476  to put into the Dr. Mecurio show! June 24th and 25th. For those  who purchased a shirt they are on the way! when you get them put em on  and post a selfie on my wall to show everyone how stylish you look! So  that along with the generous grant from Arts Council Santa Cruz gets us a  lot closer to our goal! we have another T shirt fundraiser going on  right now  at https://www.booster.com/puppetymadness 

So if a monthly donation is not your thing maybe concider a shirt or a one time donation. It all works for us. Just $20 bucks to show your #puppetymadness  and to help bring live puppetry to the Central Coast! Again a HUGE  Thank You to all who helped in the first campaign and the rest of you go  get a shirt! we only have 48 more to sell to make the world a cooler  place... One puppet at a time!
Ricki Vincent
P.S. will be back later with cool vids and pics and to do some more begging