Yay! Kelpie's back!
Hey folks! I've got some great news! After a trip out to Memphis and back, Kelpie the Computer is now home and working beautifully! Best of all, she came back with her original hard drive, so no data was lost. 

I've had Kelpie for around five years now and, as you can guess, she's out of warranty. Despite this, when I brought her into the Apple Store the lady I talked to said they'd repair her for a simple flat fee. There was no sales pressure, no 'oh, well you should buy a new one', just a friendly, 'no worries, we'll take care of it.' Which, honestly, has been my experience with Apple for the ten plus years I've been using their products. 

So what happened? Turns out her thermal module had become defective as well as a few other bits. For those tech-minded folks out there, here's the list.. 

With these repairs I'm hoping to get another chunk of years out of her. I have to admit, I've actually become quiet attached to her. Unfortunately I do know that eventually, as with all computers, the parts will no longer be available or, as technology marches on, new hardware / programs I use will be beyond what Kelpie can handle. As a result, we're starting a separate account for the business so when something big needs to be replaced, it can be handled quickly and easily. 

But, that's something for Matt and I to deal with. All you lovely folks need to know is that Kelpie is back home and that we'll be returning to our regular update program next week! 

Thank you so much for your patience! This has been a stressful week and a half for me, so I really appreciate everyone hanging in there through this downtime! 

Thanks again and see you next week!