[YCH] Shadd & Ergon
 Another commish for meppy0. <3 It's so different working with lineart only O^O - but it was perfect to get into drawing comics again :3 (a thing I'm doing atm whenever I have some spare time* |D) . I'll add the YCH sheet with the original pose later :'D

Made with: Deleter Comic Book Paper (Type A), Sakura Pigma Micron

*Important note for everyone who's waiting for uploads! My laptop basically died a few days ago. I really hope it's just the main board so I can fix everything myself, but I can't guarantee anything. It might take a while until I can upload stuff again, since I don't have any program to edit scans and stuff rn (I'm using my phone and an old laptop [so old it has Vista lol] atm, but that's not enough to work properly at all - I can only upload this artwork because I had already sent it to meppy and could download it from the e-mail haha). I'll get a new main board tomorrow, so I'm either back this week OR I have to get a new computer, which will probably take at least another week, most likely longer. ; 3 ;