New year, new resolutions and changes.

I was not happy with the previous arrangement of this Patreon project, so I made a few adjustments. You can read all about them in the updated Overview section of this page, but in short: I removed the 2$ reward tier so that with just 1$ you get full access to everything I do except for the finished/published games, these are still purview of 3$ tier supporters.
Feel free to adjust your pledge accordingly, I won't judge nor get offended :)

As usual I'll be producing stuff throughout the month and, if by the end of it I feel like it's worth it, I'll make a paid update post. I could simply switch to an automatic monthly plan, but it has two problems:

- it doesn't account for me being lazy, and I really don't want to charge for a month where I did not produce enough material

- I personally find the "pay in advance or get no access" approach distasteful, at least for this little project of mine

In other news...
I started a new BIG project which will lead me to learn coding in the Elm language. I will do this by creating a tabletop rpg that uses an app in place of a rulebook/GM/facilitator.
I will document this through a series of blog posts, the first of which you can read right now on the UnPlayableGames blog.

I sincerely hope you'll like the changes I've made and the new project I'm embarking into. And if not, let me know about it, and why! I'm always happy to have a chat or exchange a few messages with you people :)

And as usual, a big thanks. Because if I'm able to do these things, if I even think about doing them in the first place, it is also because of your continued support <3