The Year in Horror RPGs 2015 (Part One: インセイン to Outbreak: Undead)

I know I said I'd probably be moving into Westerns or more Universals, but suddenly I turned around and Halloween loomed close at hand! Unspeakable! So I thought I really ought to put up something horror-related. Each year I've put together rpg release lists from the previous year for genres I’ve done histories of. So once again I bring you a look at 2015’s major Horror rpgs. It’s one of the largest lists so this time I’ve had to split it even further. Last year I split off Cthulhu Horror into its own installment. Even doing that, I’ve ended up having to split this into two parts. This first one clocks in at over 4k words.

I'll have the next installment up next week and then either one of the genre histories or else I'll press through to get the Year in Cthulhu Horror done. 

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