Did you know this Patreon of ours has been going strong for a year now? Congrats and thanks for your support! I knew this platform and the relationships we would foster here was exactly the future I wanted to embrace but this future was an unknown last year - 

Would anyone care?  Who would commit to support me on an on-going monthly basis?! 

My biggest fear was after folks jump on for a month or two they would quit - but here we are a full year later and we've accomplished A LOT!

I could list every cool thing we've done but I thought it would be more fun to make a video focusing on one of the earlier goals of this Patreon: NEW SONG DEMOS   

So whether you're new to the Patreon or have been here from the start, check out the 3-minute compilation video above  and pat yourself on the back for helping create a space to write and record these 9 new songs.  I think they're pretty bad ass and set us up for not just a great 2nd year on Patreon but also an amazing 2019 where we can finally show the world what we've been up to when we start releasing official recordings!

Here are the songs in the video & links to their original post if you wanna dig deeper 

(only for supporting members)

1. New Space 

2. Jealousy 

3. Second Guess 

4. Real Love 

5. The Strong & The Silent 

6. Grey Lines 

7.  Cruel 

8.  Unintentional War 

9.  Versions of Love  

Having a safe place to share my work in progress, a community cheering me on and a monthly income to put towards my music changed how I create and view myself as a professional artist and I couldn't be more grateful for this last year OR more excited for the one to come.

A proper '2019 Goals' post will come before the end of year and I definitely want to hear what YOU have in store too but first I'll be sharing this video in the hopes of growing our community so that we can make even more music, even faster and connect even deeper.  

So much of my time is spent teaching right now and not enough making music so with the continued growth of this Patreon, we'll get to speed up the content and connect MORE.

Much love,


p.s. If you're NEW to this Patreon and haven't yet shown your support, please do! 

You can help bring these songs into the studio with as little as $1/month and will get instant access to the full versions of these songs, $3 will get you downloads! 

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