A Year in Review 2016
Back in 2015, I did a year in review post. It was really useful and helpful to see where I was and how things where going. Here is that post.  

In 2016, was a year of a lot of changes. The blog went from a set format to a outfit format. Plus I tried to introduce sewing and that was pretty much a bust. 

Still, despite all the changes, I am pretty pleased with where Paper Thin Personas has ended up. So, here's the year in review!

Basic Blog Stats

Number of Posts: 182

Average Page Views Per Month: 38,684

Average Sessions Per Month: 8,902

Average Users Per Month: 5,018

Most Popular Post: B&B Viking Paper Doll 

Page views are the number of times a page is loaded. Sessions are the number of times a visitor comes to the site. Users are all unique individuals who visit. In theory, a single user could have multiple sessions in a month and many page views per each session. 

Some of these numbers are a little distorted, because my Viking paper doll went viral in February of 2016 and that caused a huge spike in traffic. Febuary has over 11,000 visitors. Without that spike, the general trend has been downward going from about an average of over 5000 vistors in the first part of the year to an average of 4000 in the later part of the year. 

While I do find the downward trend a little depressing, I have to remember this: It doesn't matter how many visitors I get, if I am not enjoying what I am doing. Trying to please everyone, means pleasing no one. 

In 2017, my goal is to please me and my patrons. As far as I am concerned, no one else's opinion really matters. 

Paper Doll Series Stats

Marisole Monday & Friends Posts: 54

Mini-Maiden Posts: 27

Sprites Posts: 23

Buxom & Bodacious Posts: 23

Poppets Posts: 18

Ms. Mannequin Posts: 14

It's hard to calculate things, since I stopped doing sets this year, but one thing I think leaving sets behind has done is give a more even spread in my paper doll activities. It will never be completely perfect since there are 6 paper doll series and five days in the week, but I think it has gotten more even since I started posting an outfit or doll each day. 

It has also opened me up to drawing things I wouldn't want to draw for a whole set, but super enjoy drawing for just one outfit. 

A Few Random Stats

Number of Fantasy Posts: 41

Number of Historical Posts: 24

Number of Sci-fi Posts: 4

Number of Steampunk Posts: 7

Number of Warrior Posts: 4

Number of Guy Posts: 14 (Woot! Highest count ever.)

Number of Redheads: 2 (What?! Well, that has to change next year.)

There are a few things I have noticed about my posting habits this year. I seem to be doing more fantasy and historical stuff since I switched from sets just to single posts. I think that's sort of interesting. 

I also made a silent goal of drawing for tags on the site that only had one or two posts. This is why I did a Circus set and another astronaut.

Any stats you'd like to know about that I didn't include? Please feel free to ask.

Lastly, I'd like to say a big thank you to all my Patrons. I do listen and your feedback and support has been especially important in this less then perfect year. 

And now... onto 2017!