A Year in Tarot - Day 8

Welcome back for the start of week 2 in this journey. Sorry today's blog is a little late. This past weekend wore out. I woke up at 630am to have breakfast with my husband before he left for a business trip and I went back to bed, sleeping until nearly 1130am. But that is ok, because obviously I needed the rest. So let's get started with how yesterday went…

Yesterday I was to avoid being distracted and really focus on what needs to be done. That was honestly hard to do because of the fact that I was running the fair. I was tired and had to muster up the energy to even get done what I managed to get done, which means that in my world distractions were a major issue. Being so tired I had the "look! Squirrel!" syndrome going on. I needed to focus on being quiet and really digging deep to figure out what my next steps need to be and that didn't get done. I was not able to sit down in a quiet space and really consider the current goals I am working on and if they are still valid in what I am trying to accomplish now. That may be something I work on today but no promises, because today really needs to be a rest day for me. 

Time to look at today's cards…

For the left side today I pulled the Nine of Worlds. Dr. Wanless shares in Voyager Tarot the following about the Nine of Worlds: "Things have come to a crowning culmination. It is most fruitful to continue what has been started through to its absolute completion. Go the last mile. Do it right all the way to the end. Do not get impatient for the harvest. This is your opportunity to fully bear your inner riches to the world… It is an extraordinary time to materialize, manifest, and realize your moon dreams. You have much to offer. Get on with it. Do not waste a moment! This is an optimum period for successful productivity. Do not let your efforts go to waste… Understand that your successes are preparations for the next go-around. Your harvest gives you the wherewithal to get through the transition to your next goal and to successfully start again. Use the abundance you have created to set up the next harvest."

Today I have to avoid giving up on what I have been working towards because success is right around the corner. I tend to get impatient for the harvest of my work to come to fruition and walk away but this is something I need to stop in order to see the success I know I can achieve. I have so much to offer the world and so much to give, I just need to be more patient with the results to see the end success. By completing what I am working on now I can set myself up for my next success. This is pretty straight forward and not much else to say about this card.

For the right side today I pulled the Ace of Worlds. Voyager Tarot by Dr. Wanless has the following to say about the Ace of Worlds: "To succeed, you must first believe that you are a success and that you will continue to succeed. Success also requires synergy. Bring together all your internal and external resources and talents… Set your goals and plan on the means for achieving them. Begin acting on your plan. Once the plan has been initiated, nurture it with patience and persistence. Complete the task and reward yourself… Use successes of the past to achieve again. You must, however, adapt to new situation and opportunities. Do not be afraid of change and innovate. Part of success is overcoming adversity. Learn from mistakes and setbacks. Realize that every failure is a new opportunity. Be opportunistic and resourceful… know that the successful creation of your material world is the result of mixing together your elements or faculties. Make sure that any endeavor you try has your mind, heart, body, and spirit in it… It takes time to succeed. Take one small step at a time… be ready to adapt and make changes. Just as worlds undergo periodic natural upheavals, so may your plans. Like the forest, which is renewed by fire, convert one step back into two steps forward."

The first part of this is believing I am a success. This has always been hard for me because I was told from a very young age that I would always be a failure. So I started to give up easily because why try when it was obvious to my young mind that the person that was the worst for telling me these things was right. But over the years I have learned that if I truly set my mind to something that I can accomplish what I set out to do and am very successful at doing it. I have been working on building my self-confidence recently but one aspect that I have been neglecting is allowing myself to believe that I am successful. I need to remind myself that setbacks and mistakes are opportunities for lessons learned, and those lessons can help me move forward at a quicker pace confidently.

Another part of this card is joining the various parts of me to ensure that I am successful in all that I do. It has always been my ways to keep the various parts of me separate and completely away from each other. I do not mix my music with my accounting, my readings with my music, my accounting with anything really. Each of these are a different part of me. Accounting for me represents my mind and is something that I enjoy doing because it engages my mind. Readings and reiki represent to me my spirit. These are things that require me to be in touch with my higher self and require me to reach out past the physical to help others. Music is my heart. I have always loved music and I always will. I will always find a way to play an instrument and have music in my life. And finally makeup represents my body. I like to feel pretty and push the envelope of what beauty is and I can best do this with makeup. It is time for me to start mixing and combining all the various aspects of me so that I can create even more success for myself.

Today can still be a rest day physically but I have a lot of mental and emotional work to do today and am looking forward to doing it. Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

Question of the day - What is your favorite bird and why?


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