A Year in Tarot - Day 87

Good morning everyone! Getting a later start than I had hoped but that is ok. Last night I had my first practice with the London group that is playing on the 30th and received a very warm welcome. Got invited to go out to dinner with a few of them afterwards and so I went with the flow and took them up on their offer. This put me home at 11:00pm. Then due to having had Dr. Pepper at said dinner I was unable to fall asleep easily. It was near 2:00am before I finally fell asleep. This put me sleeping past 7:00am, but the connections that were made were great and I really enjoyed myself. I have committed to working on reducing my tendency towards distractions, but honestly it is not easy. For example, I decided to print business cards for myself before working on this blog. Yes, the business cards are important, however, not something that had to be done right that instant. It could have waited. I recognized this in the moment, but decided to not allow me to become distracted during my distraction. I finished the job and now have moved on. Just like working on joining all my various aspects took me some time, I am going to allow myself the time to complete this task. I am also working on finding my balance, which is hard for me to do, but I am working on it.

Now for today's cards…

Andromeda: What has actually been released by my decision?

Three of Worlds. Dr. James Wanless shares in his book Voyager Tarot the following about the Three of Worlds. "Nurturing represents the Empress role in the world. Like the Empress, be a nurturer. Support your creations with patience and tender loving care. Nothing grows overnight and without help, so exercise discipline, vigilance, and creativity to ensure the growth of what you have given birth to. Lend a helping and guiding hand that gives your 'babies' their natural inclinations to flower and flourish in their own time and way. Nurturing means not to be too overbearing or zealous in your attention so that you stifle growth, nor does it mean to be so laissez faire that your harvest dies on the vine. Love with wisdom and hard work with play are the keys. With a proper nurturing attitude, your creativity will pay off and you will reap the harvest."

What was released by yesterday's decision was my expectations that things will happen almost instantaneously. Once distractions are removed and I focus better on my goals and destiny things will occur much faster but very few things happen in such a quick manner as I am expecting them to. I have to nurture my creations and be patient with them.

Kraken: What can I do in my next decision to face the fear faster and better?

XII Hanged Man. According to Dr. Wanless is Voyager Tarot, the Hanged Man has the following meaning. "The upside down hanging man, the Hanged Man, represents the universal law of reversal. Do the opposite of what is ordinarily expected to achieve victory and you will victor. Turn the Hanged Man card around and it becomes a symbol of victory and liberation. Salvation is attained by passive surrender rather than by assertiveness and forceful resistance. Surrender is represented by your complete letting go of self-aspiration and personal ego. This is symbolized by the Hanged Man's identification with the sea and water, which is the Hanged Man's Kabbalah letter-name, Mem. In the ocean, we can let go. In plunging to the depths, a metaphorical death is experienced. However, death by drowning in the oceanic collective unconscious brings new life. Rising back to the top, rebirth comes in its own time and cannot be rushed by your own timetable of egotistic desire. The Hanged Man lives in accord with the I Ching Hexagram #5, Hsu/Waiting: 'The gift of good comes in its own time, and for this one must wait… We should not worry and seek to shape the future by interfering in things before the time is ripe… Only a strong man can stand up to his fate… This strength shows itself in uncompromising truthfulness with himself. It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any sore of self-deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events, by which the path to success may be recognized (I Ching, p. 24-25).' So, be patient, accept yourself, and know that by understanding your human limitations success will come. Face your self-deceptions. Look at your 'shadow side,' at what you have hidden. By diving into the 'dark night of the soul,' you turn the shadow into light. You gain dominion over the unseen forces that were controlling your life. The Hanged Man represents karmic burdens. Give in to the cross you must bear and your karmic challenge is completed and transmuted into strength and victory. The Hanged Man is symbolic of the mythological Odin and his later manifestation as Christ. Their wisdom and power was attained through giving in by self-sacrifice. Through ego surrender and acceptance of our fate, we are redeemed and resurrected. By hanging upside down from the 'tree of life' or by immersing ourselves in the purifying waters, conversion and rebirth are possible. As the number Twelve, the Hanged Man symbolizes the circular order of things (12 months) and the sense of going around and around on the wheel of life. This gives you a feeling of stasis, of going nowhere on a treadmill. In understanding and accepting the circular nature of life, however, you are ultimately taken off the wheel. Saved, at last!"

To face the fear faster and better what I need to do is learn to be patient with myself, others, and the world around me as well as accept the cyclical nature of life. Not only accept the cyclical nature of life but learn to embrace it, enjoy it, and go with the flow of it. I have been here before, but if I learn my lessons this time I will be able to move a step up and do that cycle, learning those lessons. For me I see life as a vortex, and once you learn the lessons given you move up in the vortex, closer to the top. It is time to learn to be patience and appreciate the voyage.

Ocean: What activity/approach should I undertake until my next decision to avoid stagnation and be even faster to decide?

VI Lovers. Voyager Tarot by Dr. Wanless states the following about the Lovers. "The Lovers symbolized by Brancusi's Embrace sculpture, the union of male and female, is the law of union. Oneness, through the marriage of opposites, is represented by the mythological bride and bridegroom, Solomon and Shulamite. The Lovers represents communion with others, and the integration of inner self-polarities. This outer and inner union creates an androgynous or whole being, exemplified by the Buddhist Yab-Yum. Find your inner lover, your inner 'soul mate,' and you will find yourself and your 'earth mate.' The word 'lovers,' comes from the Indo-European, leubh, which means 'to care for, desire, love.' The Lovers Cards represents the irresistible attraction to another, creating a sense of wholeness. The Rune for the Lovers is Wunjo, the W-rune. This rune means the force of attraction that we have towards others. It is this force that binds us together as lovers, partners, family, and community. Do not resist those to whom you are attracted. Like the duck, which sees its duality reflected in nature's mirror, the lake, we are the embrace of opposites: sun male and moon female, airy mind and jungle emotion, black negativity and white positiveness. Let these contradictions be. In our duality, we are whole. To trust and embrace the opposite, the other, the different, the foreign is to synergize, to bring together and weave one world, one self, one family, one basket. Seek out the different and you will become more whole. Oneness is composed of twoness. Like the tow-headed snake, the reality of the one mind is dualistic - it is yes and now, this way or that way. As easily as things come together they come apart. Know that for every negative there is a positive and for every positive there is a negative. The Lovers card contains the disunion between opposites. Its I Ching Hexagram is #6, Sung/Conflict which means '…the two halves move away from each other (I Ching, p 28).' Disintegration is explained by the Kabbalistic association of the letter-word Zain, with the Lovers. Zain means 'sword or weapon.' An instrument that separates and divides, it symbolizes the discrimination mind - the mental ability to see differences and similarities, and to cut down and slay with critical judgement. This discrimination intelligence is a Gemini trait, the astrological sign of the Lovers. Use your discrimination judgement to make decisions. The Lovers number is Six, the product of Three times Two. Six represents 'together but not together,' 'unity but disunity.' Live with ambiguity, contradiction, and paradox. Embrace the opposites and maintain the center. Wholeness is love, which is the nonjudgmental acceptance and embrace of the dualities. To be the rose, torn in tow, and to transcend into one lotus is the law of life, the sweet and sour essence of love. The Lovers Card is associated with the Gemini twins, which represents sameness and difference, oneness and twoness."

The activity/approach that I should undertake to avoid stagnation and be even faster to decide is to embrace and learn to love my own personal opposites. I am more than the sum of my parts and that means to embrace all of me, including the dark aspects of myself.

Sword of Perseus: Today's Decision

X Fortune. In his book Voyager Tarot, Dr. Wanless shares the following about Fortune. "Fortune represents abundance on all levels of being. Fortune comes from following your passions. Your strongest feeling is where your talent lies. Fortune is the manifestation of your talents so that you are rewarded in return. To follow your passions and strive for the 'Big Apple' is risky business. Fortune is like the roulette wheel - it is a gamble on which we place our hopes and dreams. We never know whether our dreams are just that - pipedreams or delusions. Like the thirsty person in the desert, we are compelled to search for water, whether it turns out to be a mirage or not. Only by risking such misfortune do we grow. To seek our fortune is to grow. Like the giant redwood that stretches itself to find the light, extend yourself to reach your own destiny. Fortune is the realization of your destiny or fate, which is what the Latin origin of the word 'fortune' (fortuna) means. Good luck, meaning the realization of your destiny, comes with working hard to realize your passions and visions, and with the courage to reach for the stars. The Rune for Fortune is Naudhiz. The N-rune represents fate - good luck and bad, the principle lesson of the Rune is go with fate and do not strive against it. Like the Fortune wheel, be able to turn with the unexpected. The blackamoor in the Fortune card who carries the 'Treasures of Dresden' symbolizes the law of prosperity. Good fortune is the outcome of being receptive to the wealth of opportunities provided by the universe, and to be able to turn these gifts into realities. Treat everything as an opportunity. By doing so with an optimistic mind, fearless heart, and sense of egoless service to the planet, this good karma bring success and reward on all levels of life. Fortune's number is Ten, which means 'perfection.' The number Ten reduces to the number One, which implies 'perfect unit.' This sense of wholeness comes with the completion of one's work, which is symbolized by the number Nine. Perfection is the sum of being number Four, The Emperor's perfection of the worldly life; number Three, the Empress' perfection of emotional life; number Two, the Priestess' perfection of the spiritual life; and number One, the Magician's perfection of mental life. The sum of these numbers is Ten - perfect. Add this total to the Hermit's number (Nine) and the total Nineteen is derived, the number of the Sun card, which reduces to Ten (One plus Nine) and to One (One plus Zero), perfect again. The Kabbalah letter for Fortune, Kaph, means 'curved' and suggest a 'grasping hand.' It is symbolized by the gold hand on the wheel in the Fortune Card. The hand grasps the gold rind of Fortune. It says, 'I've got it!' Indeed, we do have it. Perfection and fortune are yours; all you have to do is grab it and claim it. Self-recognition of your goldenness require clarity within. The I Ching Hexagram for Fortune is #55, Feng/Abundance: 'Clarity within, movement without - this provides greatness and abundance (I Ching, p 123).' Inner stillness is like the hub of the wheel. It is the quiescent center of your being which is perfect. To find that inner core is to tap your inner resources from which you create your external worldly fortune. Fortune's planet is Jupiter, which is seen directly behind the blackamoor on the card. The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter symbolizes abundance. Fortune comes with Jupiter-like action of expansion - of becoming bigger and better."

Today's decision is whether or not to take the risk and follow my passions or to continue and be miserable. It is an easy decision but one that is harder to act upon. It is time for action and to do what I need to do.


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