The year is ending...
2017 was a stressfull year for everyone. We are all hoping 2018 will be even the tiniest bit better.

But this year, to me, had a lot going on and a lot going right. I cannot say it was a bad year personally. Even with all the mental breakdowns (there were a lot, ngl).

This year I started therapy and my therapist actually saw improvent in me. The way she works is you go to the meetings and talk and work through your problems and, when she sees you're better (whatever that may mean for you), she discharges you. You're free. Until you need her again.

So I went for a couple of months and she discharged me. I will always have to deal with my anxiety, but now I know how.

I also kinda-sortof-maybe finished my thesis. I know that'll be a lot to fix, but the fact that I did all the writing and got it done before Christmas? That's a victory. See, I'm working on getting my master's degree. It's a 2-year course and I'm on the last tail of my second year. I'll defend my thesis in February. And it is actually done. I can enjoy the Holidays hurray!

2017 brought me a lot of friends, made me want to write even more and harder than ever, made me want to draw better and improve.

And made me afraid for the future, for the way things are going in Brazil as a whole and in Rio in particular. Things are bad. And it makes my anxiety go into a spiral.

But I survived. You survived. And we'll keep surviving, even if out of spite.

So here's to a better 2018. For me, for you, for the world. Because I will choose to be hopeful and fight however I can to make it so.

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