Year of Creative Habits 2017 - Day 124/365
It's been raining all day today, so when I went outside earlier on (to nab some groceries) I decided not to bring my camera. My electronics, no matter what they are, always die on me or end up breaking. Seemingly at random even. Things just don't last very long for me it seems. I take extra care of them and with that thinking, I'm assuming they last longer than they would have. So I'm afraid of getting my camera wet at all. 

Rainy days are often my lazy days. Depending on how rainy it is. This bike photo is from yesterday when it was beautiful outside. The slight graininess still bugs me a bit, but it's not too bad. And I know what caused it and I'll do better next time.

I'm hoping we have a relatively sunny weekend coming up! I want to spend an entire afternoon out taking pictures, if possible :)

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