Year of Creative Habits 2017 - Day 132/365
I walk everywhere. 

Even before I started this photography project on January 1st, I was out walking almost every day anyways. Now it's an absolute everyday thing for me to walk around. I charge my camera battery, and about 15 minutes later I head out. 

Often I'll have a destination or goal in mind when I head out. Maybe I have to head downtown to meet someone, or I have to hand in some paperwork for something or another. Other times (like today) I head out with an end-goal to make sure I simply have a coffee in my hand by the time I arrive home! 

I realize that I'm in the vast minority when it comes to how I live my life. For example, I don't own a cell phone. I did at one point in the early 2000's, and that thing was a total disaster. I do love my technology, but it's very important to me to be able to leave my home and be disconnected from everything and everyone, just for a little while.

Less distractions and all that too. I need to keep focused on my art.

That's why getting a camera made so much sense for me! 

Although it is getting pretty old at this point, I did buy myself a tablet a few years back. It's been nice for when I head out and I know I'll be visiting friends or family for long periods of time, and pretty much everyone has Wi-Fi at this point. It's also been quite helpful to be able to show people what I'm working on creatively, on a high quality screen. Not to mention having access to the mobile only Instagram  app! 

Another thing that I feel is pretty normal for Humans to pursue, is driving! I don't drive and I've never felt the reason to do so. As much as I like leaving my home and exploring (and that's always been the case, especially when I was a teenager), I prefer to do so on foot. I get enough anxiety as it is just being in a vehicle, but it's especially prevalent during the situations I've been in where there's car trouble. Car's breaking down in the middle of intersections (seriously), stuck out in the middle of nowhere, or just having accidents. Not to mention that - much like with the cell phone - once you have a vehicle, you end up relying on it completely. 

At least, that's what I've learned with my experiences and seeing the people live their lives around me. There are obviously benefits to having either of these things (and I'm way more likely to carry around a phone than get my license and a vehicle), but they just aren't even in my plans at all currently. 

Growing up for like the first 30+ years of my existence, I've had a lot of trouble staying focused. Distractions - like my fascination with video games ever since I was very little - have pretty much kept me from doing anything productive. 

I would never want to go back and take all that time spent with those games away though. They were monumentally inspirational for me. Especially when it comes to story-telling. 

When it comes to being productive though, the past few years (I recently turned 36) I've been incredibly focused on what I want to accomplish as an artist, and I see 'some' of the path to a point where I can do this full-time and actually pay my bills and eat. I see where there's room to grow, and though I'm pretty much always unsure of myself about whether I can pull things off, I often surprise myself with the results. 

Besides, it's almost an every day thing that I'm learning something new, or meeting new artists that inspire me . This stuff (check our her crazy abstract work!) and the awesome conversations she sparked today on the Year of Creative Habits Facebook page are what keep me going. There's a lot of positivity out there, and it's nice to be a small part of it.

All in all, things are happening. Life is stressful, and then cool things happen. I make something neat that people respond to, and then sometimes I make something that I love and I don't feel it gets any response. 

That's probably the life of an artist in general, eh? 

I feel there's a good chance that I'll have an interesting (and hopefully successful and inspirational) story to tell by the time I'm done. Someday. Whenever that is. 

Might be another 36 years for all I know ;)