A Year of the Extranet, by the Data
Extratone launched in May 2016, but we've owned our domain since April 5th, so we thought we'd take the time to outline the dry stuff before The Big Party next month.

The above graph is unique views/month since April 2016.
The peak was February of this year - right after True/False and MAGFest - at 8,166. 

This is fairly meager, but our average bounce rate was 20.7% which is stellar compared with the big boys in industry. (Alexa reports that NyTimes.com is at 62%.) 

Essentially, bounce rate is the percentage of user sessions that end with the first page visited. Last month's was 5.4%! meaning that 94.6% of visitors continued to explore the site after loading the first page they landed on.

  • The Extranet has exchanged a  total of 4,203GB of bandwidth.
  • 83,936 words have been written across 210 posts and 71 pages, totaling over 12mb in raw text.
  • Our security software has blocked 29,837 malicious login attempts.
  • The top performing landing page was MAGFest Edition at 1,095 unique views.

A few screenshots and PDFs of Google Analytics are attached, if you're still curious. 

A more detailed analysis will be found in May's Editor's Letter.

Thanks for a great first year!


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