Year One
It's already been a year (and a month); so I suggest you grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and relax.

All comfy? Alright! Let's reminisce:

What worked: <3

* Weekly updates: I posted at least one entry every week, and Tuesday worked very well for me, personally. I tried to choose topics that I really wanted to talk about (or by user poll, initially) and open up those posts for everyone to see. Not all posts were public, which brings me to...

* Private posts: I love writing journal-style entries to sort out my thoughts, and I like that I can only let only my patrons see those, since these posts tend to be more personal and in-depth (and full of cat photos). They can also be very doom-and-gloom, which is a downside, since I'm offering a glimpse into my current mood, but I hope that it provides an honest view into what's going on with my projects (and my life).

* Cumulative rewards: Sending out thank-you notes with postcards, letters (and videos!) is what I love the most, and aside from that, it's a good way to connect with everyone in a personal way, and I think (and hope) that it comes across.

* Motivation: Ever since starting Patreon, I've made it my top priority to use a minimum of ten hours per week creatively, which meant that I spent more time drawing, making music, writing and creating in general than the year before. Here's what I've done:

-> I updated PHQ for about two months to try new ideas and to get back into game making mode.

-> I created my first Unity game Catty & Batty and started with the next (small) game.

-> I (almost, finally) finished my second book, Walter's Deal, it'll be out in about a month.

-> I drew the cover for my new book Walter's Deal (which took longer than expected, but I also wanted to invest lots of time) and several other mini-drawings.

-> I composed new songs for the upcoming piano album, and noted down and recorded dozens of additional ideas.

-> I interviewed Laurie Cheers (creator of Spirit of Half-Life) and Mike Hillard (voice actor for Black Mesa and Halfquake Sunrise).

What didn't work: </3

* Monthly chat on twitch: There were several issues, including time zones, but the main problems were that it wasn't happaning at a consistent time, I only had time to do it on a Friday (which is bad), and it took me a lot of time to prepare, even if it was a rushed performance. Instead, I decided to stop doing those chats and use that time for my projects and for the cumulative rewards (thanks to Michael for showing up, though!).

* Goals: I'm rethinking the goals, since they aren't really what this is about. To me, Patreon means that I can spend every spare minute for music, stories and games. So, I will replace the current goals and phrase them accordingly. The other ideas, such as the piano album or Halfquake on Steam, should happen anyway. Making content is the top priority, so the main goal should be to get more time to do so.

* Reward tiers: Since I've added cumulative rewards, the reward tiers themselves are kind of redundant, and I'll probably delete most of them.

What will happen in the next twelve months?

* Walter's Deal will be complete and I will no longer talk about Walter's Deal.

* New piano album details will start to appear, hopefully I'll get it done as well.

* New game(s) will start existing.

* There will be more weekly random updates, with at least one post every Tuesday.

Thank you~

Flo, H4ndy, Jazz, Khimitsu, Michael, Steltie, Szaladin - thank you for believing in me in the past year. I hope that you and even more people will continue to enjoy what's to come.