Yellow Lunar Star - 7th March 2018
As we dance deeper into the Blue Hand Wavespell, we are embraced by the Yellow Lunar Star archetype, arriving today to invigorate our cellular memory and awaken the beauty in the suffering of our daily lives.

Actress & Performer Rashida Jones brings the quintessence of today's archetype with her quote:

"Just because a situation is grim doesn't mean you don't have every right to smile." - Rashida Jones, Kin 28

Today is a great day to take a look at what is out of alignment in your life, and study the patterns in order to become very aware of the storyline that plays itself out in your life in many different costumes! When we bring awareness to our shadow patterns, it becomes soon apparent that no matter what challenge arrives and how it appears, it is always a fractal of the same wounding we carry with us in our cellular memory.

But if you look ONLY at the symptoms of that wounding, you will very quickly become overwhelmed at everything that is not right in your life, feeling like the road to healing is too long and filled with so many complexities that it becomes very appealing for many to just give up and cave in to the life of Mediocrity.

The Yellow Lunar Star is bringing support today to polarize these challenges in our life so that we can cut through the surface symptoms, stop blaming the world around us and follow the synchronicities and signs that show themselves deep into our being to discover where the true discord is in our wounding.

It is through this powerful process of owner our ability to respond to our situations that we not only simplify the process of healing by focussing on that which is truly at the root cause of our suffering but also that we can instantaneously reclaim our birth right to SMILE... even in the face of great adversity.

Here's to the Lovers, Poets & Pirates,

Mark Bentley