Yellow Lunar Seed - 8th March 2017
***Blue Night Wavespell***

Yellow Lunar Seed, Kin 184

8th March 2017, 09.02

"I had always been a free spirit and always gotten what I wanted."

- Rick James, Kin 184

Rick James and Amy Winehouse, both born into the Galactic Mayan Archetype of the Yellow Lunar Seed, bring us some powerful lessons in the pursuit of our dreams! 

For our Dreaming to cross the bridge into our reality, we must clear the space in our lives for it to enter! Empty our cups if you will of the old ways so that there is actually the room within our collective belief systems for a new way of existing to enter. 

If we continue to hold onto the past, the "safe" ways that we know, even if they no longer serve us and have become destructive, then we suffocate the Seed of Potential that is lying within each of us and our collective field from breaking through into the light of day! 

EVERY single day of this Blue Night Wavespell is going to Challenge the way we perceive our reality and where we focus our attention, and this can be scary for many and create great resistance in others. 

So today, make use of this powerful energy moving through that is calling for us to become very aware of how we are using our Attention and where we are feeding our energy! 

If you feed the manure your full attention, you will end up with mighty sh*t monsters, if you feed the Seed, then you will end up with an all mighty Oak tree at your service or a delicate and extravagantly smelling Rose bush to delight your senses. 

Choose carefully today what you truly wish to feed in your life, and tend to the moments in your day like a gardener would tend to the seedlings in their garden... with love, patience and awareness. 

From little things, big things grow...

Mark Bentley

Kin 199 

Blue Self-Existing Storm

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