YEMEN: Vanessa Beeley in Conversation with Historian, Doctor Isa Blumi
The Saudi Coalition's genocidal aggression in Yemen began in March 2015. Armed, equipped, enabled and facilitated by the alliance of U.S, U.K and France, this tragedy of hideous proportions has been allowed to continue and to decimate essential Yemeni infrastructure. Yemenis are starving, they are being collectively punished for resisting the greater colonialist project in the region and they are dying for their independence. 

The world seems not to care.

The UN is once more complicit in the mass suffering of an entire people, as they were in Iraq. Diseases like cholera are endemic in conditions that have been allowed to deteriorate to unimaginable levels. Dr Isa Blumi explains the historical context to what is being done to Yemen and he expresses the need for Humanity to wake up to its collective responsibility for the global malevolence that threatens us all. 

My article outlining the UN responsibility for the suffering in Yemen:

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