Yennen Gunveine
One of the highest ranking classmates of the heavy weapons division who is the son of the deceased Damon Gunveine; once the leader of the most powerful gangsters of the world. Yennen is often quiet around his classmates making one think he's deep in some way, but once he speaks up, his careless and crude nature comes out. He's often brash and quick to judge, somewhat self absorbed in his own talent and feels no desire to open up to strangers like the rest, even toward people who share his gift with the pandoran energy. His motives for joining the university are still unclear, but what is clear, is that he's there to help when specifically called for. As mean and selfish as he is for a spoiled rebellious rich kid, when he has to, he gets the job done and well, not surprising for having such a large figure to live up to.

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