Yes Waffle minis and TINACT
Two quick things:

  1. The Yes Waffle minis are printed and headed out the door, so folks in the US paying $5 or more should get those shortly. I love printing mini comics. Collating the pages, picking cover stock [1], everything about it is fun.

  2. The winner of the This Is Not A Consperacy Theory subscription is Gilliom Werner Claessens. Congratulations Gilliom! I’ve sent you a message on Patreon with how to claim the subscription. [2]

I’ve been thrown off of my routine as of late. My girlfriend and I have just started the house hunting process. Scheduling comic making time has proven difficult when we need to randomly drop everything to go look at a place and have hours of discussion about what we think about it. I’m getting the hang of it, I think, and made a little progress on New Haven Lodge.

Also in the news this week: I sold my laptop and bought an iPad Pro. I’m writing you on it now. Unfortunately, the Apple Pencil isn’t arriving for another few weeks so it’s still untested at what I got it for. Would you be interested in me making a review once I’ve gotten to draw on it?

Thanks everyone!



  1. in this case some yellow lined paper that makes me really happy!  ↩

  2. Did you know you can type “coin flip” into Google and it does this?  ↩

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