Yes, We Can 2.0

Pretty much all of my favorite anti-racism activists and Black media personalities are hard on President Obama and feel he didn't do enough for Black Americans. I hold my own argument about that, and think that even if a bit of it were true, it was clear in my own research that Obama's plan was a long-term one, seeking to create a legacy that would build up the economic floor of Black Americans over time. Using a packaged agenda composed of Common Core, college loan reform, tech initiatives, anti-trust law enforcement in the tech sector and finally his customized portion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), he was trying to rebuild the American middle class with a technology angle that Black Americans would be major participants in, too.  He could've done more if it wasn't for racism, but I think he did his very best from within the strategy he planned out.  The activists aren't trying to hear all of that and wanted the president to make ballsier moves for Black people that addressed the more here-n-now part of our lives.  His biggest gamble was hoping/needing the succeeding POTUS to put the final, critical cap on his legacy agenda by signing his version of the TPP, but of course that failed. Since I know many Black business owners sing his praises because he did put things in place that enabled them to launch and prosper during his two-terms, we could probably go back-n-forth over that stuff for a minute. lol

My bottomline is that Barack Obama did do a lot for us as Black Americans and his presidency wasn't just symbolic like the hardcore activists claim. It was a genuinely GOOD THING to have a Black POTUS for very real, tangible reasons. And if we were able to accomplish that previously considered impossible Black political Agenda wishlist item, then we can certainly capture the other ones, too.

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