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Yes, We Did Fail to Empathize with Conservatives
Whoops, I somehow *completely* forgot to post this rather important blog post!

"We did fail to empathize with conservatives. But I mean that in a very different way than the thinkpiece du jour does.

Empathy  means understanding what someone thinks and feels from their  perspective. It doesn’t mean feeling bad for them–it’s not the same  thing as sympathy. It doesn’t mean patiently debating life-or-death  issues with them. It doesn’t mean coddling them or doing what they want  you to. It doesn’t even mean accepting their distortions of  sociopolitical reality as fact.

It just means understanding what they think and feel, from their perspective.

Overwhelmingly,  white Americans–at least the ones who voted for Trump–think that people  of color are the cause of their economic problems, and they feel afraid  of them. They think that LGBTQ people are sinful and a threat to the  proper order of things, and they feel disgusted by them. They think that  women are asking for more than they deserve and that women are  inherently deceitful and untrustworthy, and they feel threatened by  them.

I know this because I listen to right-wingers and read what they write."