Yesterday was A-MA-ZING!

A gathering of women, parents, and educators gathered for the afternoon at Books & Stuff for the SDE/Unschooling Gear-Up workshop!

We explored the ways in which we hold ourselves back, the vitalness to question and challenge narratives, how our individual connections to schoolishness impact relationships with ourselves, our children, and others in our lives with tools to disrupt this damaging cycle through deep discussion, movement, and writing prompts.

The space was strewed with sensory objects tapping all of our senses - music and incense to open and ground our intention, quotes that affirm the importance of this work, and light fare for nourishment.

Our time was raw and unfiltered with an openness and trust to be vulnerable as we all shared the challenges and fears surrounding adulthood and parenthood. Past and present experiences where represented through a Yarn Toss highlighting our baggage and the daily interruptions life brings.

What does this have to do with SDE/Unschooling?

These learning ways are not methods to adopt and follow but a very real and deep way to explore the depths of who you are in real-time. Learning is all encompassing. It requires the parents and other involved adults to include themselves as a learner. To reflect and acknowledge that the potentially harmful behaviors we display and express become the blueprint in raising our young people.

Liberation will always appear uncomfortable to the indoctrinated.

As we journeyed deeper into this work, we explored the oppressive and trauma-filled experiences of institutionalized education and the beauty of giving ourselves permission to walk in the words of our own truths, unapologetically.

The opportunity to share in space with these dynamic women was a complete treasure.

Photo credit: Alexa Diggs

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