"Yesterday's" Comic> King Kong #4
King Kong #4 Monster Comics (July, 1993) “Beauty And The Beast” ORIGINAL STORY: Edgar Wallace & Merian C. Cooper; Delos W. Lovelace (novelization) WRITER/ARTIST: Donald Simpson COVER ART: William Stout COVER DESIGNER: Dale Yarger INTERIOR DESIGNER: Jim Blanchard EDITORS: Gary Groth & Ryder Windham Kong is able to defeat the serpent and reach his cave home, where he proceeds to strip Ann of her dress. Finally having enough she demands to be put down, which Kong does after hearing Jack sneaking around. A pterodactyl gives the two lovers a chance to make their escape, but Kong tries to stop them, forcing Jack and Ann to jump into the water. What they got right: Another good fight scene, and another good showing for Denham, whose only worried about rescuing Ann and Jack, while still freaking out over everything he’s seen beyond the wall. This is still my favorite version of Carl Denham. Also, Ann stands up for herself in a better way than I’ve heard Jessica Lang played her in the movie. What they got wrong: Okay, this may be me not being up on 1930s women’s fashion, but did they have bikini underwear back then? I also wouldn’t have minded if Simpson had removed the Kong rips off Ann’s clothing scene, just as it was removed from the movie until recently. It just makes Kong look worse and you’ll be rooting for his death in the end. I think we’re supposed to feel sorry for Kong at the end (without the vibes Peter Jackson put in) but I’m not getting that here. Recommendation: I don’t have issue #5 so next week we’ll jump right to #6 before moving to the next series. (I’ll announce that in Sunday’s posting.) So far I really want that missing issue because this is still earning my favorite retelling slot. Give it a look.